Gokhan Shevket, Hons BSc, DDS

I have taken several CE courses, most of them advertised as “hands-on” or “live patient surgery” courses. Of all the courses I have taken, I would, without any hesitation say that Dr. Peterson’s and Shelemay’s courses were by far the most educational, and truly a “hands-on”, “live-patient” experience. The courses are limited to small group sizes, ranging from 5-7 candidates, giving a truly, one-on-one experience with the instructors. Utilizing the latest technology that our profession has to offer, the courses are equipped with CT Scans, digital x-rays, Piezosurgery and more. I have so far taken 3 of their courses, and looking forward to more. Both Dr Peterson, and Dr. Shelemay are exceptionally skilled surgeons, and, in spite of being very busy with their own practices, take time from their schedule, to offer wonderful CE courses, such as this. As a general practitioner, through Dr. Peterson’s and Shelemay’s mentorship, I have developed the skill and the confidence to do advanced level bone grafting, periodontal surgeries, and implant placement as part of my scope of practice. I would, without hesitation recommend these courses to anyone willing to improve their surgical skills.