November 12-13, 2012, Parsippany, NJ

Program Agenda:


Day 1:


Review of bone physiology and bone grafting materials

Management of extraction sockets

Similation Lab: BG and double membranes, immediate implant


GBR deficient ridges: Sandwich technique with and without implant placement. Ridge splitting.

Simulation Lab: Sandwich technique with implant placemnt (autogeneous and cortical). Lateral GBR, no implant

Sinus augmentation lecture: Lateral ridge and osteotome

Day 2:


Review of surgical priniciples and instruments

Review of soft tissue techniques (periosteal release, CTG, Dermis, FGG)

Cadaver Lab: Demonstration on FGG, CTG and Dermis, Student practice. Demonstration of immediate implant placemnt, socket grafting iwth double membrane.


Cadaver Lab: Demonstraion on Lateral Sinus graft and Osteotome. Student practice. Demonstration on GBR lateral and ridge split.