Advanced Bone Grafting & Augmentation Techniques – Featuring Live Surgeries

October 25-27, 2012

Hands-on program focuses on lateral window sinus floor elevation and Summer’s crestal sinus floor elevation, with or without similtaneous implant placements.


October 25 – Hard & Soft Tissue Managment for Dental Implants: Didactic-Soft tissue techniques; Full thickness flaps, partial thickness flap, gap-design, gap advancement, FGG and CTG harvest, suturing techniques and soft tissue implant site-development. Hands-on (Pgi mandible) STF, FTF, FGG and CTG harvest and croronal repositioned flap Live Patient Surgeries FGG (teetah and future implant site) and CTG for root coverage.


October 26 – Vertical Ridge Deficiency in the Posterior Maxilla: Didactic-indirect sinus floor elevation and direct lateral wall sinus graft; Immediate implant placement and temporization. Live Patient Surgeries – Immediate implant placement and temporization (including soft tissue development and creation of proper emergence profile) and indirect sinus floor elevation with implant placement.


October 27 – Immediate Implant Placement and Temporization in the Anterior Maxilla: Didactic-lateral wall sinus floor elevation continued, manageing complications and post-operative cure, Live Patients Surgeries – lateral wall sinus floor elevation with possible immediate implant placement and indirect sinus floor elevation.


Fee: $5000.00 (plus applicable sales taxes) per module

Cost includes one Clinician and one Dental Assistant.


Corporate sponsors will pay for meals and refreshments throughout the course.